As I started my journey to figuring out my life, my purpose and I what I really wanted to do, I found something to be extremely helpful.  Reading.

I was never a big reader growing up and unfortunately I stuck with that story into my adult life.  Every now and then I would get fed up with my life and go buy a book on self development.  For not being a reader, I loved reading these books.  They gave me some inspiration and a glimmer of hope that life really could be better.

Unfortunately, I would read a book.  Get motivated and start feeling good.  Do nothing.  And then next thing I knew, I would be back into my normal routine.  Time would pass and I would eventually buy another book.  And the cycle would start over.

However once I made a real change, one thing I did was read more often.  I started with a chapter a day.  It started to get addicting to be able to learn.  I started with more and more self development books.  Then I started reading books about subjects I wanted to improve in my life.  Money. Relationships. Parenting.  Career.

Most books have less than 30 chapters.  That means you can read a book or more a month.  By the end of a year, you can imagine how much more knowledgeable you will be.

My advice is to only read books that are non-fiction.  This way you are learning something and are literally growing as a person.  Of course you can read fiction too.  But only if you are getting your one chapter a day in from non-fiction.

If you don’t know where to start, start with something you have always wanted to learn more about or something related to your line of work.  If you choose your work as a subject, who knows, maybe you will have more to offer by the end of the year and can ask for a big raise.

Opportunities are endless.  If you are looking for a change and don’t know how to begin, start with reading.  Plus you will have more to talk about at parties.




Thanks for reading.  I am a Personal Development Coach helping individuals and businesses create the outcomes they desire.  Sometimes we get blocked or stuck in life and need a little help getting things back on track.  Please reach out to me any time if you would like to schedule a FREE discussion on the ways that I can move you back into your greatness. or call 505-702-3083

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