Stay With It!

One of the biggest lessons to help you while you are trying to make a change is to just stay with it.

I have read countless books and spent countless hours thinking about what to do with my life.  Sometimes it just felt worthless and I had a difficult time seeing the point to all of it. But deep down I knew I wanted something different…

So I would buy another book and try to find my inspiration.  I just stayed with it.  Eventually it started to click for me.  But I realized that it was up to me to keep my own motivation to make a big change.

Before I knew it, I was reading all of the time.  I was listening to positive podcast while driving around.  I was watching motivational videos in the morning while getting ready for work.  I was journaling about nothing and everything.  I started a gratitude journal.  I made a vision board and left myself notes all around the house.

Not too long after all of that, things just started feeling like they were clicking for me.  I had developed habits that were aligning me with my true purpose.  Even though I wasn’t completely sure of my end goal, it was fun working towards it.

There were plenty of times that I would quit trying for long periods of time.  There were times when I didn’t think anything would ever get better and my life was going to be mediocre and boring.

But thank goodness I just stayed with it.  Now I live in my flow.  I feel calmer, more collected and peaceful.  I still don’t have all of the answers, but I do have my direction and it feels great.

So don’t give up.  Don’t give in.  Just stay with it and things will happen for you.  Keep reading books, going to self help seminars, listening to podcasts or whatever else gives you those little glimmers of hope.  That’s where your answers await.



Thanks for reading.  I am a Personal Development Coach helping individuals and businesses create the outcomes they desire.  Sometimes we get blocked or stuck in life and need a little help getting things back on track.  Please reach out to me any time if you would like to schedule a FREE discussion on the ways that I can move you back into your greatness. or call 505-702-3083

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