Take Control

I am a big fan of Jack Canfield and his Success Principles.  His first Principle is about taking 100% responsibility.

We have control over our thoughts, our words and our behaviors.  You just have to take responsibility for what you have control.  Just three things:

Your Thoughts

Your Words

Your Behaviors

If you start looking at responsibility this way, you can create change in your life.  You can achieve your goals and your dreams.  Big things are possible too!

You are finally able to control your life.  And you do it, by controlling what you think about.  Our minds are throwing us all types of thoughts, all of the time, all day long.  Good thoughts.  Negative thoughts.  Weird thoughts.  Discouraging thoughts.  And most importantly: Limiting Thoughts.

What holds you back?  You.

You hold you back.  You hold yourself back with your thoughts.

Don’t like it?  Change it.  Change it by controlling what you think about.  Start thinking better thoughts.  Think better thoughts that move you toward whatever it is you truly want in life.  Just start thinking about what you want.  Focus on that.

You control your life by controlling what you say.  Try saying positive things to your spouse and children…your family and friends.  Say nice things to the people you work with.  Hell, say nice things to yourself.  You choose what you say, why not choose things that do you well?

So now all of a sudden you are thinking better thoughts and saying better things to yourself and the people around you.  What do you think is going to start happening with your behavior?  It gets better too.  Maybe it leads to being of service to others more.  Maybe it leads to random acts of kindness.  Maybe it leads to you paying it forward.  It will lead you to doing more things you enjoy and having a better overall outlook on life.

Either way, it’s your behavior.  Get control of it.

Just start by making a commitment to yourself that you will be mindful of any negative thoughts, self talk or actions.  When you realize them, quickly respond in kind with an opposite positive action, saying or thought.  Then give yourself a big smile!

You won’t believe how good you feel in about 30 days or less.

Thanks for reading.  I am a Personal Development Coach helping individuals and businesses create the outcomes they desire.  Sometimes we get blocked or stuck in life and need a little help getting things back on track.  Please reach out to me any time if you would like to schedule a FREE discussion on the ways that I can move you back into your greatness.  matthew@makeinspiredchoices.com or call 505-702-3083

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