Gratitude First

You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth saying again and again until it sinks in.  If you want to start making some positive changes in your life, start with gratitude.

For some reason focusing on gratitude changes your mood and brings you more good things.  It’s kind of a super power.

Believe me, I know at first it seems difficult or ridiculous to focus on gratitude when you feel like things are not going that well for you.  But listen to this:  Those negative thoughts about your situation are exactly what’s holding you back.  You are sitting in this awful cycle of negativity.

So the only way out is to start focusing on the good things in your life.  And you can start as small as possible.  When I started making my journey to creating the life that I wanted to live, I started a gratitude journal.  The first few posts were boring, bland and not very inspiring.  I would write:

I am grateful for my kids.  I am grateful for my wife.  I am grateful my car works.  Umm, ok that’s it for today.

Then I would do it again the next day…and the next day.  After a week or so of bland entries, I started seeing more things that I was grateful for.  My entries started expanding to more and more things.  Next thing I knew, I was writing full pages or even more of things that I was grateful for.

I even started writing gratitude thoughts about things I wanted to be thankful for in the future.  I would write statements about my future and being thankful for all of the dreams that came true.  I couldn’t stop finding things to be grateful for after about a month.

So start right now and write down some things you are grateful for or for things you will be grateful for when they become real.  This is the easiest way to get out of your rut and on your path to living with passion.  Just get started now and things will start to change for you.

“Change your thoughts, change your world” – Norman Vincent Peale

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