Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

You want to know what is one of the funnest parts of making big life changes?  Letting your imagination run wild! 

Listen, you are dreaming of change anyway.  Why not dream big and let your imagination have some fun?  It doesn’t take any more effort to dream big than it does to dream small.  So let yourself have some fun and think of great things you could do.

When your imagination is allowed to run wild, a few things happen that are very beneficial.  First of all, you are not holding it back and your end goal will become bigger and better.  You also get more excited about your goals when they are big and awesome!  And you need that inner excitement to help you start moving toward your new life. 

As long as your goals and dreams do not bring harm to anyone else, feel free to let them get crazy.   This is the one time when you have no boundaries and the only limits you have are those in your mind.  

The only thing you need to do while you are thinking of all the possibilities is to write them all down.  Eventually something is going to stick out and it will keep reappearing.  When that happens, you know you are on to something. 

Keep in mind that once you start moving toward something, be open to have it change a little.  Your imagination and energy are still working and something better might be headed your way.  And don’t worry, if a change happens it won’t be far off from what you originally thought.  But it could be something like, instead of being the rock star, you become the best drum maker in the world and your passion shines.  It’s close and in the ballpark, but just a little different.

So dream big.  Write all of your ideas and thoughts down.  Start taking action towards your dream right away.  Nothing gets your closer to change that actually doing something.  Stay flexible and have fun….that’s the point right. 

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