About Me

Hi.  My name is Matthew Hale and I appreciate you looking at my site.  If you are here, you probably want to make something, or everything, in your life better.  The good news is you can.  And I can help.

I have always had big dreams and aspirations growing up.  I dreamed of the big house, fancy car and enough money to help everyone I knew.  But for some reason, I never chose to doing anything big or follow any dream.  I simply went to school, graduated college and got a job.

I got caught up in the system and just felt like this was supposed to be the way for me.  I figured I probably couldn’t have really done anything great and the big house and fancy car were meant for others.  Meant for people who had talent and were born to do something awesome.

But as the years wore on, I just got more and more discouraged with life.  I was that person asking: “is this really all there is”?

Even being successful in my sales career, just didn’t satisfy me.  I had a nice house, a nice car and wonderful family.

But I kept noticing that little voice inside of me asking where have the dreams gone? I can’t live like this for the rest of my life.  I need more.  I feel dead some times and that doesn’t feel good.  What the hell am I going to do?

I started reading self help books and books about making change.  But I would read one, get motivated, do nothing and then feel bad again.  This cycle went on for years.

I was too comfortable.  Change wasn’t necessary.  I could continue to live like this and nothing extremely bad would ever happen.  I started to realize that my mediocre life was just good enough to keep me from doing anything great.  I also knew that I wasn’t the only one like this…this was my crew.  Decent jobs, decent stuff and good families.

But I wanted more.  I wanted to feel satisfied with life.  I wanted to live passionately.  I wanted to live with purpose and do something that helped others feel more alive too.

So the self help books became more frequent and motivational podcast were all I listened to…and I realized that I had a voice that could help bring life back to a lot of people.  I started thinking about how I could help individuals grow and help businesses create environments that allowed their employees to thrive and live fuller lives.

This lead me to a career as a Development Coach and Speaker.

My passion is helping you live the life you were meant to, to have your voice heard and to help bring a feeling of purpose through Making Inspired Choices.

Inspired Choices are a set of principles to live by that can help bring your wildest dreams to reality.

When you live your life with passion, everything feels easier.  When you realize your true potential, you thrive.

I have used these principles to get my workout plan on track, to quit tobacco and to change careers doing something I love.

My journey is not over, it’s just beginning.  Let me help you get on your way too.

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