Speaking & Coaching

My purpose in life is to help others live their best lives.  One way in which I do this is by helping working professionals find purpose and satisfaction in their careers without having to quit their day jobs.  Too many people are unfulfilled at work and feel like they are settling in life.  By helping them develop a SUCCESS MINDSET, they can achieve the work-life balance they are wanting.   This creates a win-win situation for the employee as well as the company.  Companies that create a culture of growth and fulfillment for their employees benefit from increased productivity, higher retention rates and the ability to attract top-level talent. Allow me to help you establish a winning mindset so that you can experience the success you really crave.


Do you need 20 minutes of motivation for your lunch-and-learn?   Call me.  Do you need a full 60-75 minute keynote address to fire up your team?  Call me.  No matter your needs, Matthew can deliver a fresh perspective on team building, finding inspiration in the daily routine and energizing your team.  Matthew offers a hands-on experience that engages the audience and gives the attendees a more powerful way to manage their day.   By helping you find clarity in common team goals, any team can up-level their game and outperform your expectations.  You will walk away a happier, more confident, more focused person with a commitment to be an unstoppable success.



Ok, so maybe your company does not invest in your personal or career growth.  Maybe you feel a little lost and don’t know what to do.  Maybe you know you want more out of life, but don’t exactly know what that means.  Whether you are trying to get an edge up in your career or you are looking for purpose and passion to fill your day, Matthew’s exclusive coaching program will allow you to create the life you truly want even if you have tried before with no success.  Please note: This coaching program will NOT have you doing things you don’t want to do.  You will actually begin doing all the things you WANT to do and having the experiences you desire.  By choosing to grow yourself for more success, you will experience the most fun and joy life has to offer.  This is supposed to be a fun journey and Matthew makes sure of that for you.



Are you a business owner, sales manager or entrepreneur who really wants to find success without all the headaches and frustrations?  Of course, you are.  Matthew helps show you what is keeping you stuck and causing your growth problems while developing a new strategy for success that is effective and fun.  No matter how much you want great results, your choices now may be holding you back.  If your daily routine feels like a grind, Matthew can get you on the path that feels easy and satisfying.



I get it.  One hour of motivation and inspiration is never enough for you.  I am the same way.  If this is the case, let’s put together a full or half-day workshop for your team.  Make Inspired Choices’ workshops take your team from “stuck and frustrated” to having clarity and excitement.  These events build strong bonds, unleash creativity and allow you the opportunity to create an atmosphere of excellence.  An atmosphere of excellence?  Yeah, I said it.  When you get everyone on the same page, great things happen and excellence might not be a big enough word.  Workshops are ideal for companies, schools or groups looking to get maximum results, greater engagement, and clarity of vision and goals.

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